Pathfinder, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to popular questions we are asked. We look forward to working with you!

1. Installation – 
a. Our installation for your home includes a single penetration and up to 300ft of outdoor rated cable with a weatherproofing/sealant. However, a 300ft allocation is not used per installation, only what is needed. This means that the technician is not at liberty to leave a surplus of cable for use by the subscriber for purposes other than bringing the feed from the CPE to the power supply. If the antenna needs to be over 300ft from your network equipment distribution we would consider this a custom installation. 
b. Where there is existing Cat5 wiring at installation location our installation technician will evaluate and will test the existing Cat5 wiring. In most cases the installation technician will replacing existing wiring with new direct burial Cat6 cable for optimal performance.
c. The outside wall is rock, we will find a conduit to bring the cable inside your home and we would consider this a custom installation.
d. Pathfinder does not schedule pre-installation visits. If you would like a technician to meet you at your site to discuss the installation this will be billable at our standard hourly rate. Pathfinder will review the site details during the scheduled installation visit after your Service Agreement has been approved. If the installation cannot occur for any reason you will receive a full refund on any installation fees you may have paid. However, if your installation does not fall into the installation items mentioned in 1.a through 1.c there may be additional installation charges billed at our standard hourly rate.
e. Most CPE (customer premise equipment) that Pathfinder will install requires the use of an 18 inch dish or 18×18 panel, sometimes a smaller dish can be used depending on the application.

2. Metering – Our service has no metering or monthly data limits so the usage is unlimited each month within your speed tier.

3. Which Plan do I Need? – Many are asking if the 50Mbps down/10Mbps up plan is recommended.
The 40 and 50 Mbps plans are both our most popular. While we do see the 40Mbps/4Mbps works for most, if you have many people using the connection for movie watching we would recommend trying the 50Mbps plan if you see congestion. Also, if you remotely connect to your home to monitor cameras, temperature, printers, or other systems you will see better performance on our 50Mbps plan because the upload speed is 3x faster.

4. Latency – Our service is delivered wirelessly, and most of our customers see less than 40ms of latency to their router/firewall.

5. Public IP Address – When you first connect your Pathfinder equipment to your router, it will be an ethernet cable to your router. Your router will automatically be assigned a public dynamic IP address.

We do offer static IP addresses if necessary. If you aren’t sure if you need one, you probably don’t need one, but we are happy to discuss it further and you can add it at any time.

6. Router & WiFI –
a. Pathfinder generally expects that customers would like to use their own WiFi router of firewall. As long as the router you would like to use has a WAN/Internet port that connects via Ethernet/RJ45 it will work with Pathfinder service. 
b. Customers that are switching their service from a satellite internet service will find that their router is part of the satellite service and cannot be used with Pathfinder services. We recommend purchasing a new router before our technician arrives for installation and running the setup wizard on any devices connected to your network after you replace your router (ex. printer, Apple TV, etc.).  
c. Pathfinder offers managed WiFi routers starting at $7 per month. You can inquire with our sales team for more details. If you have the need for a new firewall, router, or wireless access points for your networking needs, please contact our sister company Decypher Technologies at (855) 808-6920.

7. Television & Streaming Services – 
Many of our customers use streaming services such as Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, Google TV and more. Most TVs that are less than 2 years old also have Netflix and other Apps built right into them. If not, Pathfinder recommends you purchase a media delivery device such as a Roku or Apple TV to watch your streaming service on your existing TV.

8. Need More Speed? – Our standard plans are listed on our website ( but we do offer custom enterprise packages allowing us to deliver up to 500Mbps up and down if required. If that is of interest to you, please email